Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Dental health can be restored by filling you teeth. Gold, tooth-colored plastic material or silver amalgams are material used to fill your teeth.

A tooth-shaped cap known as crown is used to restore the size and shape of the teeth.

Dentists place this crown over your teeth so that appearance and strength of the teeth is good.

The gap between two teeth can be filled with bridge. Bridges are false teeth which are cemented properly in the gaps of two teeth.

To implant means to replace the tooth roots. These implants are made of metals which are placed in places where teeth are absent. A replacement tooth called crown is used to cover
these teeth.

Missing teeth and surrounding tissues can be replaced by dentures. Acrylic resins with metal attachments combine to form dentures. Partial dentures are done when few natural teeth are retained with the help of metal clasps and complete dentures means replacing all teeth.

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